Learning to be paperless with PCT (Covid-19 issues) – slides and recording

Hello faithful readers.  On March 30 WIPO announced that it was ceasing the mailing of paper relating to PCT applications due to the work-from-home challenges from Covid-19.  On that day I announced that I would be presenting a webinar on how to become paperless with PCT.  The webinar took place.  There was a lot of very helpful audience participation and I think the webinar went well as a consequence.

You can download the slides here and you can view a recording of the webinar here.

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2 thoughts on “Learning to be paperless with PCT (Covid-19 issues) – slides and recording

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  2. Carl – Thank you for this. I like to think of myself as running a “paperless office” (although the UK IPO previously only sent out communications by paper: They have now agreed to send things by e-mail if you sign up, which I did immediately) and I run all my systems using online resources, including the PCT. However, I am keen to review your slides & just check that I am doing everything possible.

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