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Yesterday this new book The 2022 Schwegman Advanced PCT Training: the presentation slides was at position #65 in Amazon’s best-seller ranking of “adult and continuing education”.  Today it is at position #9. 

Once again I remind the reader that I think that this tells you not so much about a large number of copies of this book being purchased, but instead tells you about the relatively small number of books that people purchase that fall within this narrow category of adult and continuing education.

Yesterday this book was listed with Amazon among books generally with a “best sellers” ranking of #112,026.  Today Amazon lists this book with a “best sellers” ranking of #13,642. 

As a reminder, the the publisher (Penaya Publishing) is pricing the book pretty much at the printing cost.   The reason for purchasing the book would be that somebody is planning to binge-watch fourteen hours of free-of-charge classroom instruction on the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  Normally in pre-Covid days the way you would get this kind of training is by purchasing an expensive badge from a CLE provider, and by getting on an airplane and checking into a hotel and spending two days somewhere sitting in a large classroom.  Instead you get to watch the videos for free on your computer or tablet or smart phone.  The book hopefully helps you to stay focused and gives you a place to jot down notes and comments.  The book is cheaper than the badge and the travel costs, right?  

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  1. Your excitement about the book ranking makes me think of being “tickled pink”. An idiom for you.

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