Recorded ePCT webinars are now available for viewing

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Hello readers.  Some will recall that I am now three lectures into a sixteen-lecture series of webinars about ePCT.  I am pleased to report that I was successful in recording each of those first three webinars.  The recordings are now available for viewing! 

It will be recalled that this page is the place to register for the webinars.  And for now, that same page is the place to view the recordings.

At some later time I will probably try to present the ePCT recordings in tabular form, similar to what you can see on this page for the fifteen recorded PCT lectures of a year ago.

Just a reminder of the very different focus of the two lecture series…  the fifteen lectures in 2022 were directed to the Patent Cooperation Treaty itself and best practices for use of the PCT.  In contrast, the present sixteen lectures in 2023 (of which three have taken place so far) are directed to the ePCT system, and best practices for use of ePCT.

Any time that somebody hosts video recordings, one must consider what would happen if a large number of people were to try to view the recordings at the same time.  Would the server be able to keep up with the demand?  For the fifteen PCT lecture recordings from 2022, I chose to host them on one of the firm’s servers that is in a large windowless building in Arizona.  (I have never actually ever been to that building and have never actually seen the server with my own eyes.)

For the ePCT lectures in 2023, I have chosen to host them on a different server.  It is one of the servers that you can see here (article about exhaust fans) which is located in Colorado.  In particular it is the server with these five blinky lights (at right).  The meanings of the lights are as follows:

    • status (green) – meaning the operating system is running,
    • LAN (green) – ethernet link and activity,
    • disk1 (green) – drive status and activity,
    • disk2 (green) – drive status and activity,  and
    • power (blue) – meaning the server has electrical power.

The reason that I am discussing this is that I wonder how successfully this server will keep up with the demand for viewings of the ePCT lectures.  (This server is less expensive than the above-mentioned server in Arizona, and its processor is not as fast as the processor in the above-mentioned server in Arizona.)  Will enormous numbers of would-be viewers click on a “view the recording” link simultaneously, thus bringing the server to its knees and bringing the video data stream to a crawl?

My guess is that the server will not be brought to its knees by enormous numbers of simultaneous viewers!  Please try to view one or more of the recordings and see how it goes with the streaming bandwidth, and please post a comment below about your results.

2 Replies to “Recorded ePCT webinars are now available for viewing”

  1. Viewed Session 1 on Saturday March 17 mid-afternoon. Replay dropped once but I believe that I inadvertently closed the window. Otherwise no problems.

    Does the replay system send an attendance certificate after completion?

    Thank you for your work on these seminars to help us be better attorneys for clients.

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